Emergency responders trained on mental health issues

First responders from around the state are training to effectively deal with a mental health crisis.

During the weeklong training session, police officers and firefighters are being put in real-life scenarios, where they are asked to determine whether a child is a threat to himself or others.

"You look at people and we say, 'Well, that doesn't seem like an emergency,' but for that individual at that time, they are dealing with an emergency that is their crisis," said San Antonio firefighter Gabriel Morin.

Morin, like the others training, must diffuse the given situation.

According to Morin, mental health training has become vital in the last 15-20 years.

"You are doing very little talking," he said. "You want that person to come out and tell you what's going on. Whether they are having feelings of anxiety or depression."

Morin said many times, children don't have anybody to turn too and they just need somebody to listen.

Each trainee is graded and evaluated, with a 35 being the top score. All first responders must score at least a 23 to pass.