Spurs spirit leads to 'Spurs Fever,' sick calls for workers

Late night Spurs' win leads to loss of workers


SAN ANTONIO – The big win for the San Antonio Spurs appears to have led to a loss of productivity for some local businesses.

Some report that they've had a number of sick calls, while others said their employees are just plain tired.

Although there is no hard evidence to make the connection, some suspect that the late Sunday night NBA Championship game may have led to what they witnessed on Monday morning.

"We had a few people call in (sick) today, so it's probably got something to do with last night, but we don't know," said James Reeves, one of only a couple of staff members who showed up for their shifts at Jiffy Lube on Austin Highway.

To make matters worse, he said, the business was offering a Spurs' win-related discount on oil changes, and many people showed up to take advantage of it.

"As soon as we opened the doors, we had two or three pull in," Reeves said.

At Mr. Transmission next door, all of the staff was present and accounted for, according to Rob Cassidy, a senior staff member.

However, Cassidy said he and his co-workers were left feeling a bit groggy from all of the excitement.

"It took them a bit to get going but now they're moving along pretty good," he said. "But yeah, you could tell what was going on."

Cassidy said even before the Spurs clinched the championship title, he began to notice what appears to be a slowing down in productivity far beyond his employer's walls.

"There's been a lot of stuff going on since Friday," he said. "We've noticed a lot of people were not coming to work or they were getting to work late, you know? Some of our suppliers weren't around."

"I've never seen any love for a team as much as I've seen here ... for the Spurs," Cassidy said.

A call placed to the city of San Antonio to inquire about possible work absences in those government offices was not returned immediately.

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