Rash of car burglaries hit New Braunfels subdivision

Police say residents leaving cars unlocked

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – New Braunfels police report an uptick in the number of car burglaries in the Stone Gate subdivision, off Highway 46 South.

But investigators say residents are making it too easy for thieves by leaving their car doors open.

Ten-year Stone Gate resident Emmanuel Velasquez said the last thing he wants is to be the next victim. That's why he keeps nothing important in his truck.

"It probably can be if I leave it open, but I don't leave anything of value in my truck," said Velasquez.

New Braunfels police Lt. Craig Christopherson said at least five cars have been broken into in the past week, with thieves stealing everything from GPS units to radar detectors to sunglasses.

Christopherson said every single one of those burglaries targeted vehicles that had been left unlocked overnight.

"Some kids are out of school and running out of things to do in the middle of the night, and we have a lot of tourists or people who are coming from out of town who aren't always here, so they can come and go pretty quick," said Christopherson.

One lead Christopherson said investigators are looking into involves a Dodge dually pickup truck suspiciously parked at the end of the street on Stone Arch. Officers found several stolen items near the vehicle, but no arrests were made. 

"Don't know if it's exactly involved with it, but it's possible," he said. "It didn't belong in the neighborhood."

Anyone with information on that truck or any of the burglaries is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 830-620-TIPS.

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