Twin twisters destroy small town, affect San Antonian

Lindsey Cadenhead hails from Pilger, NE


SAN ANTONIO – Rare twin tornadoes cause a trail of destruction in Nebraska and left one San Antonian worrying about friends and family.

"It's devastating," said Lindsey Cadenhead. "I look at the video footage and you can't comprehend it. It's like a nightmare."

A nightmare Cadenhead said she was forced to live out a thousand miles away from close family and friends.

"It's such mass destruction and devastation that you can't recognize what it is," she said.

Cadenhead grew up in the small Midwest farming community of Pilger, Nebraska. On Monday, Pilger was devastated by a tornadic storm that produced a very rare two tornadoes at one time. Cadenhead called the town home for 18 years, but now lives in San Antonio. 

News of the tornadoes left her reeling.

"I immediately tried making phone calls to my best friend who still lives there -- anybody I could get in contact with," said Cadenhead. "I immediately jumped on Facebook."

Information would come in slow. Cadenhead's parents had since moved to a nearby town, but told their daughter that her childhood home, which they still owned, had been flattened.

"It's gone. Debris is scattered across our whole yard," said Cadenhead.

Now, pictures are all that are left to remind her of what Pilger once looked like.

"Pilger is an amazing town, a very religious town, a town of 378 people and there are three churches -- two of which are gone," said Cadenhead.

In all, dozens were injured and two deaths are being blamed on the twisters.

Still, Cadenhead said Pilger would not disappear from the map.

"Pilger's forever motto has been ‘The Town Too Tough to Die,' and I stand by that," said Cadenhead. "The town will recover, but it's going to need help."

To help, you can donate to the American Red Cross by going to www.redcross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999. 

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