Downtown business hit by laptop thief

Building manager: Surveillance camera caught thief in action


SAN ANTONIO – Surveillance cameras inside a downtown office building may have caught a laptop computer thief in action.

Rich Miller, property manager of the building in the 800 block of Broadway, said the theft happened at the start of business Thursday morning.

He said a laptop was taken from the office of a man working at a nonprofit agency that rents space in the building.

"His assistant hadn't made it in yet. It was close to 9:30 and he stepped out to use the restroom and that's when the incident happened," Miller said. "To lose a laptop with all your information, all your personal info, work info, it's kind of a shame."

Miller released a copy of the surveillance video, hoping someone might recognize the man in it and call police.

The video shows a man, dressed in a button-down shirt and dark jeans, walking around the building, then sitting in a chair in the hallway.

At one point, the man walks over to the office door, peers through the glass and enters.

Less than two minutes later, he's seen emerging from that office with what appears to be a laptop computer with the charger still attached, under his arm.

Miller said the man in the video is the thief.

"You would think it would be someone, maybe homeless or whatnot, but it's not," Miller said. "They're dressed nicely, very presentable, nice. Our receptionist actually said hello and he responded."

The crime, he said, is similar to one that happened last year.

In that case, a man entered a different ground-floor office and also walked out with a laptop.

San Antonio police confirmed that the latest crime was reported Thursday morning. Spokeswoman Sandra Gutierrez said later in the day, officers recovered the stolen computer.

Although a full report was not available Friday morning, Gutierrez said the computer owner received a message by way of a locator program that told him where his computer was located.

She said officers went to the address and found it, along with a man who did not match the description of the suspect.

Gutierrez said that man told them he had been hired by a woman to make repairs to the computer.

Police tracked down the woman and she told officers she bought the stolen computer from someone else, Gutierrez said.

As of Friday afternoon, investigators had not determined who that other person was, she said.

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