Northside family under attack from hawks

Red Shoulder Hawks protect young, terrorize homeowners

Photo courtesy: Oksana Karle (oksanakarle.com)
Photo courtesy: Oksana Karle (oksanakarle.com)

SAN ANTONIO – A North Side family is under attack by adult, Red Shoulder Hawks protecting their young.

The hawks built their nest in a tree right above the front porch of the Chessher residence.

"We're like hostages now, you can't even walk out in your front yard," said Dot Chessher, who has been attacked several times.

She was even hit during one of the attacks as she was checking her mail

"(I) turned around, started to walk up the hill and all of a sudden something just hit me in the head so hard that my head went down like that, and then I looked up, then I felt blood," Chessher said.

This is a first in the 37 years the Chesshers have been living in their home. Jim and Dot spend most of their time in the backyard, but he has brooms and mops at the ready if he needs to go into the front. He also has a chair blocking his front sidewalk to keep visitors safe.

The birds are federally protected, so there is not much the Chesshers can do but wait until the three babies grow up and hope the hawk family decides to relocate.

"You protect the bird you, protect the nest, you protect the eggs and the little ones," Jim Chessher said. "You also protect yourself and be on the lookout, ready to shout out, "Duck Dot Duck!" Jim said.

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