San Antonio International Airport adds real-time parking to website

Travelers able to immediately see parking availability


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio International Airport now has a live data feed for parking availability on the airport's website and mobile site.

"By offering this service on the website, the guesswork on parking availability is eliminated," said Aviation Director Frank R. Miller. "Visitors to the airport have a better experience even before they enter the airport facility."

Travelers can now go to the website and immediately see the number of parking spaces available and can plan accordingly.

The service will help to lower the emissions given off by vehicles circling the garage, as well as eliminate some of the traffic looking for parking.

Customers have also been given the ability in the last year to process their transactions quicker and find parking spaces easier by using the new Parking Control System, which allows those paying with credit cards to exit through any unattended lane. It also allows customers to insert their credit card upon entering, making the credit card become your ticket, which allows customers' transaction to enter and exit fast and simple.

Click here for more information on parking availability and ease.