Homebuilder signs driving people crazy


SAN ANTONIO – They seem to be growing in number right along with the city and county's population: homebuilding advertising signs.

They are increasing in numbers and size, dotting the landscape at every turn, and that is driving some people crazy.

Some of the signs are as big as seven or eight feet high and several feet wide.

"They are not real pretty to look at, to be honest with you," said a San Antonio resident named Scott. "They need to go. They are visually not appealing."

Scott said he even tried to talk some of the builders about removing the signs without much luck.

"I tried to reach out to them, both in their local offices and their corporate headquarters, and asked them very nicely to do so," said Scott. "One of their comments was 'What are you going to do about it?'"

Scott said he contacted Bexar County Public Works who he said told him they will do something about the signs if they are creating a nuisance, like blocking the line of sight for vehicles.

A Texas Department of Transportation spokesperson also said they can take care of the signs if they are on state highway right-of-ways.

Scott said he just wants the beauty of his neighborhood back.

"I understand urban sprawl, but there is also the communities we live in (to think about)," Scott said. "Let's keep them nice. Let's keep them good-looking."

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