Must-haves for your tackle box

When going fishing, don't leave home without having these key must-have items in your tackle box.

Extra line: Reeling in a big catch or getting your line caught on debris or items in the water can cause you to need more line. Keep extra in your tackle box so you're not caught without it.

Variety of hooks: Make sure you keep a variety of hooks in your tackle box so you're prepared for different types  -- and sizes -- of fish.

Sinkers: Sinkers are easy to lose during fishing trips, so it's a good idea to keep extras in your box. After all, you need the sinker to help keep the bait and hook under water.

Lures: If putting live bait on a hook isn't working it's good to have some extra lures in your tackle box to give those a try.

First-aid kit: Always be prepared when fishing so it's important to keep a first-aid kit in your tackle box. Make sure you have anti-bacterial ointment as part of it, and bandages, in case you get stuck with a hook.

Sunscreen: Spending a day on the water can result in sunburn. Make sure you have plenty of extra sunscreen on hand to keep you safe in the sun.