Hays Street Bridge group to get day in court

Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group claims city betrayed them

SAN ANTONIO – A district judge has denied an attempt by the city of San Antonio to have a lawsuit against the city dismissed.

The Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group's lawsuit is aimed at stopping the city from transferring a 1.7 acre piece of land adjacent the Hays Street Bridge to the Alamo Beer Company.

This week District Judge Barbara Nellermoe ruled that the issues raised in the lawsuit warrant a trial.

The bridge restoration group raised money to restore the bridge several years ago with the agreement that the adjacent property be set aside for public use. The group claims that the city agreed to that deal.

"A deal is a deal and the city should not develop by robbing the people who have been here for so long," said Amy Kastely, an attorney representing the group

"There would be restrooms, and water and a pavilion for us to use," said Nettie Hinton, a lifelong Eastside resident.

Hinton said that her hopes for that use of the property were dashed when the city announced plans to transfer the land to Alamo Beer.

"They didn't ask any business people on the Eastside if they would like to develop," said Kastely. "This was a closed, backroom deal that was a betrayal of the agreement."

Attorneys for the city declined to comment on the case or on the judge's decision, citing city policy that prohibits them from discussing pending litigation.

The case is set for trial on July 7.                                   

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