Phil Collins donates Alamo collection

200-plus items to be displayed at the Alamo


SAN ANTONIO – He's best known as a famous drummer and singer, but now he can hold the title as biggest Alamo enthusiast.

Phil Collins was in town Thursday to announce the donation of 200-plus Alamo artifacts to the General Land Office. 

The collection, worth millions, will be displayed at the Alamo, the site of the battle in which 1,500 Mexican troops laid siege to 200 Texans.

"It's a substantial amount of money and I'm happy for it to come here," said Collins.

Collins, 63, didn't want to say how much he spent on his collection, but he's grateful the Alamo ensured the collection would be shown in its entirety and would be well cared for in the future.

"All the pieces are coming home. They're not going to a museum, they're coming home to be amongst the place where they started life," said Collins.

On display, dozens of relics, artifacts and documents that he's collected over the past 20 years. 

"I've had a really great time collecting," said Collins.

His passion for Alamo history will continue, so he said don't be surprised if he collects more items in the future.

"These things are all interesting to me, I'm (a) pretty low maintenance guy, I don't have flashy cars, I don't have big houses. I have 5 kids and 3 ex-wives to support, what I have left I spend on this," said Collins.

The artifacts will be packed up from his home in Switzerland in late July and should arrive in San Antonio in September or October. 

He said he'll be back in the Alamo City to make sure the artifacts arrived safely and undamaged. He's hoping they'll be on display by early next year.