Sen. Ted Cruz visits San Antonio

Cruz not sold on Castro as HUD secretary


SAN ANTONIO – On Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R- Texas, was the guest of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce at a luncheon at the Embassy Suites Hotel downtown, speaking to guests of the chamber on several topics: restoring jobs and economic growth, defending constitutional liberties and restoring America's leadership.

"I think the next couple of elections in front of us, it's now or never. We are at the edge of a fiscal and economic cliff," Cruz said.

Cruz also talked about caring for the thousands of unaccompanied children making their way across the border into Texas.

"It is heartbreaking. It is a humanitarian crisis what is happening to these kids, and we need to solve this problem," Cruz said.

He also said he has not decided how he will vote on the confirmation of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as Housing and Urban Development secretary.

Cruz believes the economic growth in San Antonio is more a result of what is happening in Austin and not City Hall.

"We have seen economic growth, we have seen jobs and frankly, I think that is a result of the policies of the state level that have created a ... low tax, low regulatory burden environment," Cruz said.

Supporters and protestors alike were on hand to greet Cruz at the downtown hotel. Members of the Texas Organizing Project were protesting his appearance.

"We need heath care," said protestor Maria Luna. "He is not supporting us, he needs to be our voice."

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