Ex-judge facing fraud charges: 'I am not guilty!'

Former District Court Judge Angus McGinty facing federal bribery, conspiracy, fraud charges

SAN ANTONIO – Former state District Court Judge Angus McGinty was in federal court in San Antonio on Monday for an initial appearance facing conspiracy, attempted conspiracy, bribery and wire fraud charges.

He was indicted in early June on charges that he accepted auto repair work, valued at more than $6,000, done by defense attorney Al Acevedo's clients.

In exchange for the work, arranged by Acevedo, the clients allegedly received favorable judicial consideration from McGinty.

According to the charges, a drunken driver had his sentence reduced in one case. In another, one of Acevedo's clients was afforded less restrictive release considerations.

"I intend to fight the charges," McGinty said as he left the courthouse. "Those charges are false the government has brought."

McGinty refused to answer questions from reporters, but repeatedly insisted that he was not guilty.

"I'd like to ask our community to stand with us against this injustice," he said. "Stand with us against this vicious situation."

McGinty was released on his personal recognizance and is scheduled to be back in court on July 9 for arraignment and case scheduling which will likely include a setting a trial date.

Acevedo pleaded guilty in March to bribery charges. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 29.

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