Speed limits to change on 1604 Monday

TxDOT's variable speed limit program to go into effect June 30

Variable speed limits will go into effect along part of Loop 1604 Monday.

SAN ANTONIO – Drivers on some parts of Loop 1604 need to keep a closer eye on the speed limit Monday because it could change.

The Texas Department of Transportation's variable speed limit pilot program begins Monday morning on Loop 1604 westbound between U.S. Highway 281 and Interstate 10.

The three-month program is designed to ease stop-and-go traffic and prevent accidents during peak travel times.

There are seven sensors along the eight-mile stretch. The digital speed limit signs are mounted on a orange trailers to get drivers attention.

TxDOT officials say the default speed will be 70 miles an hour, but if traffic comes to a crawl in a certain location, the speed limit will be lowered for drivers before they reach that backup.

"The idea here is to get traffic to ease into the congestion spots so you're not running along at 70 miles an hour and all of a sudden see that traffic is at a near-stop and all of a sudden slam on your breaks and risk a rear-end collision," Josh Donat, TxDOT public information officer.

Officials say whatever the speed limit sign says is enforceable by law.

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