Homeland Security Secretary: 'We're going to stem this tide'

Jeh Johnson revisits immigrant children, Border Patrol

SAN ANTONIO – After stopping at the shelter for immigrant children at Joint Base-Lackland, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson made his third trip in a month's time to the Rio Grande Valley.

"I believe we're going to stem this tide and we're going to remain focused on doing that," Johnson told reporters after meeting Monday with Border Patrol leadership.

He said the first question he always wants them to answer, are Border Patrol resources being diverted from their core mission?

"The assessment is that we're generally keeping our eye on the ball because of the additional resources we've brought into this sector," Johnson said.

The cabinet secretary said he has moved 150 more Border Patrol agents from the interior to the Rio Grande Valley sector.

He said a myriad of other federal agencies from the U.S. Coast Guard to Federal Emergency Management, are helping with law enforcement and humanitarian efforts.

Johnson said the federal government also is expanding its detention capacity "for parents who bring their children here."

He again warned against children making such a dangerous journey.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office reported an 11-year-old Guatemalan boy's body was found June 15 near LaJoya west of Mission.

Johnson said  he will be going to Guatemala next week to speak to government leaders there.

He also said Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to the region Tuesday.