Wounded store clerk released from hospital, suspect jailed

Shooting suspect identified as Cameo Marcus Clines, 19

SAN ANTONIO – A Southeast Side convenience store clerk who was shot in the face Sunday reportedly has been released from the hospital.

Awais Kazmi, 35, was grazed on the side of his face by a bullet, according to Anwar Tahir, a director of the local Association of Convenience Store Retailers.

Online documents listed Kazmi as the secretary of that organization for 2012-2013.
San Antonio police have arrested Cameo Marcus Clines, 19, in connection with the shooting.

They said Clines walked into the Shop-N-Go Food Mart in the 5400 block of S. New Braunfels Avenue shortly after 11 a.m. Sunday and demanded to see the manager.

He then shot Kazmi, a clerk, in the face, police said. The motive is still unknown.

According to a police report, after the shooting, a witness followed Clines for a distance, and pointed officers toward an apartment complex across the street.

Police found him in an upstairs unit at the complex, hiding in the apartment with a woman, the report stated.

On Monday morning, a woman answered a knock on the door and refused a request for an on-camera interview.

While she said she believes Clines did shoot Kazmi, she did not know why.
A neighbor, who declined to release her name, said she did not recognize Clines as someone who lives in the complex.

"I saw him when (police) brought him out but I didn't know, you know. I didn't know him," she said. "The woman does live here, but he doesn't."

That neighbor, however, said she has known Kazmi for several years. She said she visits the store regularly and often sees him there.

"He's a good man, a good man. A real good person. Always has a smile. Ready to work," the neighbor said.

Right now, Kazmi is spending time at home, healing from his wound, according to friends.

Clines, meanwhile, could be spending quite a while in jail. His bond was set at $100,000.

He faces a charge of armed robbery, but police said there could be more charges to come.

Clines also has a criminal history that includes multiple counts of vehicle burglary as well as an arrest for making a terroristic threat.

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