Security cameras catch alleged burglars in the act

Plumbing company hit by $8,000 theft

SAN ANTONIO – The co-owner of a Northeast Side plumbing company said theives took $8,000 worth of tools and equipment -- and were caught by security cameras.

"I'm sure our tools ended up in the flea market and the pawn shops pretty quickly," she said.

She said for a small business that opened less than two years ago, "This was a real kick in the gut."

But she said despite the loss, they're still in business.

San Antonio police confirm the pre-dawn burglary occurred June 22 at a storage facility in the 4000 block of Stahl Road, next door to the plumbing company located in a business park.

Security cameras at the facility captured a white truck driving past an open gate to the rear of the property where a company truck was parked.

The company's co-owner said the glow of flashlights moving around in the distance indicate the burglars were off-loading a large tool box from the back of the truck.

"It really hurt because the things we worked so hard to obtain to help operate this business are gone," she said.

The co-owner said she also worries about other small businesses in the area. She said she urges them to check their security cameras, and report any suspicious activity.

She said she also hopes anyone with information about their burglary will contact SAPD.