Woman says cop shooting was case of mistaken identity

Girlfriend testifies that Adrian Perryman feared home invasion

SAN ANTONIO – The girlfriend of Adrian Perryman, 52, whose home was the target of a police narcotics raid in the early morning hours in October 2010, said she feared the couple was the target of a home invasion.

Rebecca Flores said she became worried when she checked a security camera monitor and saw someone approaching the home.

"When I saw the people going across the front, all I saw was them hunched down – that's all I saw," Flores testified during Perryman's trial on charges of aggravated assault of a peace officer.

"Did you hear anyone identify themselves as police officers?" asked defense attorney Tony Jimenez.

"No," Flores replied.

Earlier in the trial, police officers testified that they had a search warrant and identified themselves outside the home and again once they gained entry.

Flores said that when she heard officers breaking down the door, she awakened Perryman.

"When I woke him up I handed him the gun and I told him, ‘They're here again to break into the house,'" Flores testified.

"I just heard – I would say – four shots," she said.

Shots Perryman has admitted firing. One officer was shot in the leg but not seriously wounded.

Flores said that Perryman had been the victim of a home invasion the previous February and, as a result, had installed the security cameras.

If he is found guilty, Perryman is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Testimony will continue on Thursday in Judge Ray Olivarri's 399th District Court.

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