Wounded warrior gets new home

Grammy award winner helping hand him the keys

SAN ANTONIO – The Stillwater Ranch community on the far northwest side of San Antonio has a new resident.

Neighbors were there to greet Retired U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Michael Egan with a hero's welcome as he recieved keys to his brand new home.

"Incredible, absolutely incredible'" Egan said.

Also on hand, grammy award winner Lee Greenwood who sang his All-American song "God Bless America" in honor of Egan.

Hearing that song brought back memories for Egan when he was in Afghanistan.

He and his fellow troops would hear the song during different occasions and it really helped them get through the tough times.

"Kind of in the dumps been out there for months, you would hear the song, (and) it reminds you of home," Egan said.

"You can't give enough he is so very proud and humble," Greenwood said. "That dignity and respect just flows over and if you are an American, and have some kind of heart, you have to feel the same kind of emotion."

It was all made possible by helpingahero.org and Chesmar homes.

Egan lost both his legs when he was hit by an IED and the home was biult for easy access.

There are wider doors to accomidate a wheelchair, lower lightswithes and counter tops and a roll in shower.

"After being in the military for seven years not staying in the same place for more than six months this is home now," Egan said. "I am definitley looking forward to moving in and hopefully keeping it as clean as it is now."

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