Balcones Heights fire chief resigns to return to home state

No word on replacement


SAN ANTONIO – Balcones Heights Fire Chief Phillip Prince resigned Monday.

In a letter to the Balcones Heights City Administrator, Prince wrote: "The past six and a half years have definitely been very rewarding to me as I have had the privilege of being a small part of a department manned by some of the best and most dedicated firefighters I could ever have been associated with."

A city spokesman said the fire chief is leaving his post to return to Alabama, his home state.

Prince will be on the job for another week.

There is no word on when an interim or permanent fire chief will be named.

This comes just weeks after Balcones Heights Police Chief Henry Dominguez was fired on July 1.

His termination was the result of an investigation into claims that Dominguez knew one of his officers, Julian Pesina, had ties to the Mexican Mafia.

Officer Pesina was shot and killed by two masked men on May 4.

The city named Lt. Joyce Pena as interim police chief.