City official hopeful after meeting with NFL owner

San Antonio could be home to West Coast team


SAN ANTONIO – The owner of the Oakland Raiders, Mark Davis, was in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago, meeting with several city officials who want to bring the Raiders to the Alamo City.

It seems like Davis may be looking to move.

"The one thing that was very clear is that (Davis) is looking for a place to establish his team that is going to love his team," said Richard Perez, the president of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. "I will tell you it was pretty clear that he is not happy where he is."

But San Antonio has been in this position before, and Perez was asked if the city is just being used as a pawn.

"I think the possibility exists but you have to take people at their word. He seemed very sincere," Perez said.

"When a team is looking to move, they will go to a couple of places," said David Bojanic, a professor at UTSA who teaches marketing and sports event tourism management. "They have to posture."

Bojanic said he is cautious about the Raiders' possible move to San Antonio, especially since that would mean two major league teams in town.

"Can you sustain two major sports (teams) that overlap? Single tickets for NFL are between $70-$80. The Spurs are (lower) priced."

The team would potentially play in the Alamodome, but Perez admits it would only be a short-term fix.

"If the team comes here, they would play in the 'dome for a specific period of time," Perez said. "The endgame would be to build a new facility."

"It will work in the short term (but) it's not going to work in the long term," Bojanic said.