Boys & Girls Clubs of SA to launch Great Futures Campaign

SAN ANTONIO – Everyday in the United States, an estimated 15 million children are at risk to be left alone. Experts say that's when children get into trouble and get hurt.  

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America will kick off a campaign this week to address those issues.  

KSAT spoked to two local teens who called The Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio their home away from home for more than a decade.

Thristian Lewis believes everyone has a different story, but at the club, they all relate.

Like so many kids, Lewis started attending the club as a 6-year-old when there was no one to watch her during work. Now as a high school graduate, she's working at the club.

"Being in the environment, being an inner-city kid, there's a lot of stress and pressure put on you. So just coming to the club to relieve all of that," Lewis said.

Demetris Keno, Jr. is also a fresh graduate. Keno says the club gave him direction.

Keno's father died when he was just 12-years-old. At first, he expressed his anger with his fists. Now he believes what he did with his after-school hours turned his life around.

"If I wasn't here, I would be at home, but I wouldn't be the child my mom raised me to be. I think I would probably be in the streets or something," Keno said.

Whenever schools close their doors, The Boys & Girls Club is open. It doesn't matter if it's after school, summer or holiday breaks.

"We don't want a single child in this community in which we live to be left home alone when they're out of school. We want them to have the guidance that they need for a great future," said Angie Mock, CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio.  

One of the goals for the kids in the club is not just graduating from high school, but graduating with a plan. Lewis and Keno are both headed to college in the fall.

Click on this link for more information on the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio and the Great Futures Campaign.

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