WDYC: Debris flying out of truck beds

SAN ANTONIO – Debris flying out of the back of trucks in front of you on the highway is driving some people crazy.

"It's weird, it's crazy, it's terrifying to say the least," Perez said. 

A piece of debris went through her windshield as she was driving down I-35 at about 65 miles an hour.

"Right in my driver's side window; did not hit me, didn't even touch my car, just blew through, glass shattered everywhere," Perez said.

There are some rules people have to follow when loading up the back of a pickup truck

"Anything that has potential to blow out the side of your vehicle or spill has to be secured porperly with a tarp, something to secure it properly," said Trooper Antony Flores, with the Department of Public Safety.

According to DPS, you can't pile anything over 14 feet.

Nothing can hang more than 3 inches over the bed to the left or 6 inches to the right.

Items cannot hang more than 3 feet over the front bumper or 4 feet over the back. If you are hauling lumber you need a red flag.

Always keep the tailgate up when there are things in the bed.

"It's important for people to take the initiative, and take their time and use precaution when hauling any type of material," said Flores.

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