2 people found shot to death in Dilley

Police find 2 men shot execution style

DILLEY, Texas – Two men were shot to death Thursday in Dilley, a town south of San Antonio.

Police discovered the bodies in the 100 block of East White Street.

Dilley Police Chief Albert DeLeon said a friend of one of the victims was going over to visit when he found them shot to death.

"He found the bodies, ran outside and waved an officer down," said DeLeon. "That's how we got news of it."

Angel Vasquez lives down the street from where police found the two men who were shot to death execution style.

"I don't know, it's just pretty shocking that it's so close to my house," said Vasquez. "I can see everything from here."

Vasquez said it has been about two decades since someone was murdered in Dilley.

"It's pretty scary right now because we're almost across the border and Dilley is an hour from Laredo," said Vasquez. "So, it's pretty scary that my family is close to it."

No arrests have been made in connection with the shootings, but DeLeon said the case is under investigation. 

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