State Rep. Mike Villareal announces mayoral plans

Villareal plans to run in 2015


SAN ANTONIO – State Rep. Mike Villarreal, D-Dist. 123, announced his plans for the future -- specifically that he is going to run for mayor of San Antonio in May 2015.

The announcement comes one day after newly appointed interim Mayor Ivy Taylor's welcome reception.

"Right now I'm the only candidate and that's kind of a good place to be," Villarreal said Friday.

While Villarreal said he knows other candidates will likely throw their hats in the ring, he is the only name on the ballot for District 123 state House representative.

His plan is to run uncontested, get re-elected in November, then announce his resignation to the governor so that his successor will be elected in a special election.

"I believe the democratic process, the most transparent and participatory process, is to allow the voters of House District 123 to make the decision," Villarreal said.

He said he knows it will likely cost taxpayers upwards of $100,000 to hold this special election, but it's worth the expense.

"The wrong person could really mess things up. The opportunity cost of not having the strongest leader represent us and fight for us is huge," Villarreal said.

Trinity University political science professor David Crockett said he thinks Villarreal's decision to run for mayor is a logical stepping stone.

"He can certainly make the argument that he's been successful at the state level doing legislation, that he's been dedicated to what's good for the city for however many years he's served there," Crockett said.

Villarreal said he is looking forward to the campaign process, getting to know San Antonians and what is important to them.