West side home where woman was shot had been hit before

Son says bullets fired at home just last week

SAN ANTONIO – A West Side home that was sprayed with bullets, leaving a woman inside wounded, had been targeted by a shooter about a week ago, according to the woman's son.

Roland Regalado said someone shot into a window of the home in the 100 block of S. San Ignacio Street last week, narrowly missing his nephew who had been sitting near it.

This time, someone in a passing car fired multiple shots into the home shortly after 1 a.m. Friday.

Regalado's mother, Guadalupe Garcia, 46, who was sitting in a rocking chair in a back room, suffered a gunshot wound to her back.

"I'm hearing that my mom got shot. It's sad. I broke down on the spot," Regalado said. "They said she's in critical condition. I just hope she's all right."

Regalado said he had spent the night at his girlfriend's home and didn't learn about the shooting until later on when he noticed several missed calls on his cell phone.

"My mom don't deserve this. She don't. A nice lady like that. She don't deserve that.  She deserves better," he said.

While he was not in the home at the time, he said there were several young relatives -- children -- inside who witnessed the drama that ensued.

One of them narrowly missed being injured or killed himself, Regalado said, in another shooting at the home just recently.

A side window on the home still showed five bullet holes from that earlier incident.

The overnight shooting added holes to the home's back and side walls, as well as the rear panel and tire on a car in the driveway.

San Antonio police officers at the scene said they had no information on the suspects nor on the car that they drove.

They also acknowledged that there had been a prior shooting at the residence recently.

Like police, Regalado said he has questions about the reasons his family apparently is being targeted.

"We're a good family. My family are good people. We all mind our own business," he said. "We're trying to figure out why is somebody trying to do this? What have we done?"