Dog shot in head up for adoption

San Antonio Pets Alive! searching for home for 'Willie Nelson'

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Pets Alive! is searching for a home for a stray pit bull that had been shot in the head.

His thick skull saved his life. The bullet is believed to have ricocheted off his head.

The animal adoption agency says the dog, named "Hooch," was picked up by Animal Care Services last week with a hole in his skull. 

He has since been given a new name: Willie Nelson.

SAPA! found the dog a temporary foster home while they searched for a long-term foster home or adopter. 

"Willie has been mistreated in his life and yet he still likes people. He still has a strong will to live," said Arati Moses, SAPA volunteer.

The organization says despite the hole in his head, Hooch is a very sweet dog. 

"It is shocking that a dog can still be trusting of humans after suffering such terrible treatment, but (Willie) really loves people," said Dr. Ellen Jefferson, SAPA! executive director, in a statement.

Willie, who is a senior, likes couches and quiet spaces.

Anyone interested in fostering or adopting Willie or any animal is asked to email info@sanantoniopetsalive.org. You can also make a donation toward his medical care at sanantoniopetsalive.org.