Police: Man made false 911 calls out of boredom because he hated neighbors

Florida man faces 3 counts of false 911 calls exceeding $100 in service


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – Police were called to a Boynton Beach apartment complex in search of a naked man with a gun last month.

It was the first of three false calls between July 28 and Tuesday that police claim was made by Robert Cuchna.

Boynton Beach police said the 18-year-old told police he made the phony calls because he "had been bored and did not like his neighbors."

According to the police report, Cuchna first called 911 July 28 to report a naked man with a gun. Five officers arrived at the location only to learn the call was unfounded.

Cuchna made a second 911 call Tuesday to report a shooting on Woolbright Road, the report said. Eight officers arrived before realizing the call was unfounded.

About 20 minutes later, police said, Cuchna called 911 to report a bomb in a dumpster that would detonate within the hour. Eight police officers arrived at that location, only to learn once again that the report was false.

Cuchna also made two hang-up calls to 911 from the same cellphone number Saturday, the report said.

Police said they were able to trace the calls to Cuchna's phone.

Cuchna faces three counts of false 911 calls exceeding $100 in service.

This story courtesy our sister station in Miami, WPLG.