Proposed Leon Valley hike-and-bike trail questioned

Group of residents collect signatures for alternate routes

SAN ANTONIO – A group of Leon Valley residents are asking their City Council to take another look at plans to put in a hike-and-bike trail.

The proposed bike trail would connect the city's Raymond Rimkus Park with San Antonio's Crystal Hills Park.

"We're not opposed to the trail, not at all opposed to the trail," said Olen Yarnell, a Leon Valley resident. "We're opposed to the process. There's an ordinance on the books that says anything to do with the natural area has to go to the board of citizens."

Yarnell said their concern with the proposed trail is that it will run through a 36-acre natural area and that plans will also call for removing the asphalt that is currently in the park and replacing it with a 10-foot-wide cement trail.

"They seem to be in a big rush to spend the money," said Laura Cardenas, a Leon Valley resident. "And, I just feel like there are other alternatives."

On Friday, Yarnell, Cardenas and a group of other residents held signs that read "Don't Pave The Natural Area."

They also continued to collect more signatures in an effort to get the City Council to put the proposed route on the Nov. 4 ballot.

However, Leon Valley Mayor Pro Tem Paul Biever said that they've already had multiple public hearings on the issue and that the proposed trail would only go through the edge of the natural area.

"All we are asking is for a paved area here," said Biever. "So that people that are elderly, people who are handicapped or have handicapped children, can enjoy some of that same pristine area that other people take for granted."

Yarnell said they plan on presenting hundreds of signatures to the City Council during its onday night meeting at 7 p.m.

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