Shoppers hit stores for tax-free shopping

Bargain-hunters get an early start on sales tax holiday

SAN ANTONIO – Shoppers started trickling into stores to take care of their school supply lists early Friday.

The state sales tax holiday runs Friday through Sunday.

"The composition (and) spiral notebooks, highlighters, pens, the scissors. We're pretty much starting from scratch again this year, getting all the supplies," said Sylvia Alanis, who was buying supplies for her two daughters Friday morning.

They both start school at Providence next week.

"I'm really excited to buy my backpack because I gave my old one to my sister and I want a new style," said Andrea Alanis.

Bridgette Winfrey brought her 10-year-old daughter's school list to Walmart Friday morning to get the necessities out of the way early.

"I don't do the malls and stuff like that. I may go get shoes or something like that, but other than that, I won't be in the crowd," she said.

Alma Ortiz doesn't have kids to shop for, but didn't mind catching a deal on supplies she was buying for her church to give to area students.

"I don't necessarily go to the sales during tax-free weekend. I don't have to buy tons of shoes or clothing, but for the school supplies, absolutely," she said.