Vigil held for Aquaman San Antonio

Jonathan Vela passes away from complications from stroke

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio cosplay community and the city as a whole lost a legitimate hero Friday.

Jonathan Vela, better known as "Aquaman San Antonio," died early in the morning from complications from a stroke.

He was always easy to find in his green tights, orange top and blonde wig.

"He was roly poly and he said people have to learn to do their own thing and forget about other people that criticize them," said his mother Carla Vela. "If it made you happy and brought cheer to other people then you're doing the right thing."

Dozens of friends and fans turned out Friday night for a vigil in memory of Jonathon. 

"He costumed as somebody he looked up to as a hero and when people would be rude whether in person or on the Internet as they often can be because they're anonymous, he took it in stride," said friend Jennifer Adams.

"I think he was rich with friends because I've had thousands of thousands of people outpour their love," said Vela. "Being a mom, it's hard because to me he was just my baby. But thousands of people see him as an inspiration."

The stroke he suffered caused Jonathan to miss the San Antonio Comic Con. So it came to him. 

Featured guest Manu Bennett, or Deathstroke from the show "Arrow," paid a visit.

"It would be a disservice to everything he did for the community to even try to take up the mantle from him," said Adams. "It'll always be his."

A fund raiser at the Korova to benefit Vela's family will take place on Aug. 23. A viewing will be held Monday at 7 p.m. at Angelus Funeral Home with a mass there as well at 10 a.m. Tuesday.