Rusty The Dog rescued, looking for home

Dog found near death, now healthy and happy


SAN ANTONIO – It's the kind of makeover that appears to make even the furry guy smile.

Rusty The Dog was found in a pile of leaves by Animal Care Services several months ago. He was barely moving, emaciated and covered in scabs and raw skin from demodex mange.

"They felt Rusty was moments away from death," a press release said. "He was brought to ACS and given immediate emergency medical care."

He got that with the help of donations and a foster home.

"Today, Rusty is a much different dog. He is happy, playful, social and most importantly healthy and loved," the press release said.

Rusty is doing so well, he'll be ready for adoption soon. You can keep tabs on him on his Facebook page.

His complete makeover is just one example of the work ACS has done to give abandoned pets a chance at a life in a forever home. ACS is hoping Rusty's example will help the agency earn a $25,000 Community Engagement prize from the ASPCA. It's asking supporters to use their Facebook accounts to vote for ACS.

To do that, go to this website. Click the orange tab to "authorize this application now." Log in with your Facebook account. Once connected, you will be able to connect to the voting center to cast your ballot.

The site allows one vote per day. Voting is not support on smartphones or tablets.

You can also check out other pets available on the ACS Facebook page.