City files suit against North Side boarding home

Home had 12 inspections, over 70 violations

SAN ANTONIO – A boarding home on the city's North Side is being taken to civil court.

The city's Development Services department is filing a suit against the owner of the home at 411 Marbella Vista after more then 12 inspections and 70 health and safety violations.

"Some of the major violations include a lack of the proper safety systems. Smoke alarms, fire sprinkler systems, electrical hazards, structural hazards and exiting hazards," said Assistant Director of Development Services Michael Shannon.

On the outside the home looks normal but homeowners painted a much different picture.

"Its a house of horrors," said neighbor Anjeanette Giddings.

The home was being used as a boarding home. The facilities provide basis services to three or more physically or mentally disabled residents.

"The people are not getting the proper care and medical care," said Giddings.

A volunteer caregiver at the house downplayed the violations.

"It's down to two people, so no longer is it considered a boarding home so I don't know where all this is coming from," said Craig Halbeicn.

The suit was filed in district court this week. It will play out in court over the next few months.