Dog covered in motor oil left outside San Antonio Humane Society

Dog found tied up outside local animal shelter

SAN ANTONIO – A 2 ½-year-old Airedale Terrier and Rottweiler mix was found on Friday, August 15, tied to a pole in front of the San Antonio Humane Society.

When staff approached the dog, now named Diego, they noticed he was completely covered in motor oil.

Staff took him in and began immediately bathing him to remove the oil, it was then staff realized Diego had sarcoptic mange.

This occurs when mites burrow under the skin and cause excessive itching and scratching, which leads to massive amounts of hair loss.

The mange is easy to treat when done properly. A common misconception is that dogs who have sarcoptic mange can be treated with the use of motor oil.

SAHS believes whomever was caring for Diego, thought that the motor oil would help him out.

Diego is now in desperate need of a foster home.

An SAHS foster, will receive everything needed to car for the pet.

If you like to help Diego, you can visit SAhumane.org/foster or call 210-226-7461 ext. 120.


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