Mother wants justice for slain son

William Lopez killed in 2011 bar shooting

SAN ANTONIO – It's been three years since the shooting death of William Lopez.

Though a man was arrested in connection with the 2011 slaying, his mother, Sodelva Lopez, said she wants justice.

"Anyone can kill somebody and just get away with it," she said. "How can this person get away with it?"

After Lopez was shot and killed in a Northwest Side bar brawl that spilled into the street, police arrested one person in connection with his death, but that person has since been released.

The Bexar County District Attorney's office rejected charges in December 2011 due to the suspect's upheld claims of self-defense.

Police have not made any more arrests.

Lopez's mother has a hard time accepting that.

"He's a felon and he's out free," she said. "How can the DA not charge him, knowing we had all the evidence ... and they denied it?"

She said she plans on fighting until justice is served.