Rep. Cuellar addresses students on higher education experience

SAN ANTONIO – Rep. Henry Cuellar was in San Antonio Thursday addressing students at Northeast Lakeview College on his personal higher education experiences.

The congressman said his attention remained on the border and the experiences of thousands of children trying to cross it.

Reports from Honduras claim that as many as 12 children who had recently returned to the country after illegally entering the United States may have been murdered.

Cuellar said a foreign affairs representative from Honduras could not confirm the number, but said reports like this one highlight the need to continue to reach out to those countries.

"When we talk about working with those countries, we've got to make sure that we help them reduce their violence, murder rates and poverty," said Cuellar. "A lot of those areas, they make just a few dollars a day so there is violence and poverty there."

He also said he and Sen. John Cornyn will continue to work to expedite due process for all women and children entering the country illegally.