Ski event brings fun, hope to participants

SeaWorld San Antonio host AllCanSki event

SAN ANTONIO – Army Staff Sgt. Brian Boone spent plenty of time water skiing as a kid, going out on his uncle's boat. The last time was 22 years ago. 

Around that time, AllCanSki began its program in San Antonio, offering people with physical disabilities a rare opportunity to get in the water at SeaWorld San Antonio's ski area.

"We evaluate each participant individually and figure out what's going to be best for them to make sure that they're successful," said Ross Davis, the director of marketing for San Antonio Sports and a former Paralympian. "Some people may never get a chance to water ski again, and this is the only place they'll ever be able to do it."

Boone lost part of his left leg below the knee in a mobile IED attack while serving in Afghanistan in 2011. During the last two-and-a-half years of recovery, he's remained active, even getting back into snow skiing. He didn't waste this opportunity to get back in the water.

"It was a rush," said Boone. "It reminded me back when I used to ski, that same feeling of trying to get up and weight proportion."

"They're coming here, they're learning, they're seeing what equipment's available and they may be skiing next weekend with a buddy because they've learned how to do it," added Davis.

AllCanSki holds the annual three-day event during the end of SeaWorld's summer season when the ski area is closed. The six sessions usually end with a final session dedicated to wounded warriors.