UTSA expecting 4,300 students to move in this weekend

SAN ANTONIO – With 4,300 people expected to move in to the dorms at UTSA's main campus, there were a lot of moving pieces Friday morning from clothes to lamps to bedding.

"It's pretty chaotic. It can get really busy. I know especially during peak hours, like after lunch or right before lunch, we get hit pretty hard," said Vanessa Leyva, a complex coordinator at UTSA.

Several student groups like Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship volunteered to help with the move. Their experience has taught them a few lessons, like what's hardest to move.

"A TV's pretty heavy, I guess, for some girls. They have carts that they check out, so that makes it a lot easier," said Erika Sanchez.

She said she drew the line at lifting a refrigerator, and would leave that to the guys in the group.

Freshman Sarah Altman already met her roommate over the summer.

"I'm really excited. I'm so excited to see my roommate and it's just gonna be a fun year," she said.

Others weren't sure who they'd be rooming with or how they'd get along.

"I'm nervous to see who they are and how we get along," said Jorden Burns.

As one new student loaded up his cart for move-in, he said the most important thing was who he wouldn't be living with anymore.

"Yeah, just you know, just not living under my parents' roof anymore. So that's pretty exciting. Starting my own chapter," said Roger Meza.

Move-in continues Saturday and Sunday. Friday was expected to be the busiest day.