Many more miles in store for 2 local goal-minded runners

Training on track for 2 women preparing for December's Rock N Roll race


SAN ANTONIO – Less than two months ago, Rosio Sotelo was a jogger with a dream: to complete her first half-marathon race one day in the future.

Now, she has traveled miles toward that end-- on her own two feet.

She put her plan into action by joining forces with other like-minded people and taking part in regular training runs, hoping to see her goal achieved in December.

Sotelo is one of thousands of runners in the area who plan to run in the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon race.

She first spoke with KSAT 12 News in July as she began preparing.

At the time, Sotelo said the longest distance she had ever run continuously was about 1 mile, although she had completed several 5K races (3.1 miles) through a combination of walking and running.

On Saturday, seven weeks into her training, she said her endurance has improved greatly.

"I know I can go at least 2 miles straight," she said.  "But I'm sure I'll do better by December."

Sotelo said she logs at least 10 miles per week in anticipation of the 13.1-mile race.

For Debra Garansuay, the finish line is twice as far away as that.

The six-time half-marathoner has plans to complete her first full marathon on Dec. 7.

Garansuay, who was running about 5-10 miles per week at the official start of her training in July, has increased to at least 15 miles.

She also supplements her weekend runs in other ways.

"I do cross-training, yoga and dance during the week,"  Garansuay said.

Although both she and Sotelo still have a long way to go in their training, they have come quite far already.

They both said they have benefited, mentally and physically, from it. 

Among other things, both women have shed dozens of unwanted pounds.

Initially, neither had plans to embrace running in the way that they have.

Now, neither of them can imagine not doing it.

Both women train regularly with the Downtown Run Group. 

However, there are several other groups that offer regular training sessions throughout the city and throughout the year.

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