SA ranks No. 2 for tailgate thefts

Only Houston has more reported tailgate thefts

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is near the top of a national list -- but it's not exactly a good thing.

According to a new study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Alamo City is No. 2 for most tailgate thefts.

That's when people steal the actual tailgates of pickup trucks.

According to the NICB, only Houston has more tailgate thefts.

From January 2012 to December 2013, Houston had 145 tailgates stolen, San Antonio had 125 and Dallas had 91.

Texas was the top state overall, with a total of 752 reported thefts.

The stolen tailgates are being re-sold on the underground market as replacement parts or scrap metal.

So how do you keep it from happening to you?

The NICB suggests you use an after-market security device -- like a hinge lock -- to keep your tailgate intact.

KSAT spoke to the San Antonio Police Department about other ways to protect yourself from being targeted.

"The two main tips would be to always lock it and get the after market tailgate if possible and to make sure they are putting their VIN number in there just in place thats hidden that we are able to recover it and give it back to the owner," said Misty Floyd, SAPD spokesperson.