SAPD focuses on 5 "chronic quality-of-life" crimes

Chief McManus to outline programs, successes to Public Safety Committee

SAN ANTONIO – They may not be considered major crimes, but they are crimes that impact the quality of life in San Antonio, and local police are working hard to address those issues.

On Wednesday morning SAPD Chief William McManus will brief the City Council's Public Safety committee on the department's progress in tackling five chronic quality-of-life issues.

Last year SAPD developed a Strategic Plan Initiative for 2014. It identified panhandling, graffiti, prostitution, drug dealing and vehicle burglaries as top priorities.

McManus will give committee members several examples of how officers have been combating the quality-of-life crimes.

In a document from the agenda for the meeting, McManus lays out several ways his officers have focused on aggressive panhandlers, including a pilot program that identified 10 chronic offenders and increasing the penalties associated with the crime while at the same time providing treatment options for the offenders.

The document also shows how officers have partnered with local businesses and other government agencies to address problems like graffiti, prostitution and car burglaries.

To read the full document, click here.

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