VIA plans to finish multi-modal projects

Streetcar project on hold, other projects get green light

SAN ANTONIO – While the streetcar project is on hold, VIA is moving forward with several multi-modal projects that should help alleviate congestion throughout the city.

During a meeting Monday night, VIA said they'll be finishing up projects that will include more park-and-ride stations, expanding bus-service routes, and extending primo lines. 

VIA said millions of dollars that would have gone toward streetcars, will now go toward enhancing the city's multi-modal projects that are already in operation.

VIA spokesman Charles Gonzalez said, "Everybody knows we're going to plus up the population by about a million in the next 20 years, and that's going to be another 500,000 cars, so we better figure out how we're going to do it, and do it in a very smart way so that we preserve the quality of life and the uniqueness of San Antonio."

VIA said it will use about $90 million.

Gonzalez said most of these projects should be finished within the next few years.