Dem candidate for TX Gov speaks to UTSA students

Wendy Davis talks education, minimum wage, more

SAN ANTONIO – Democratic candidate for Texas Governor Wendy Davis was at the University of Texas at San Antonio on Thursday launching her campus tour ahead of November's election.

Davis was greeted by a cheering crowd of more than 100 students and supporters in a ballroom in the student center.

She quickly gained favor with students by noting a published report about the success of the UTSA football team.

"The gold standard, that is what UTSA is all about," Davis said.

She went on to touch on familiar topics such as equal pay, reproductive rights, raising the minimum wage and her struggles as a young adult.

"I became pregnant, I dropped out and I found myself not long after as a single parent really struggling," Davis said.

She also talked about the importance of education from the need for pre-K to supporting higher education.

"I am the only candidate for governor who will fight for you, who will stand with you and who will be your voice," Davis said. "Our state isn't really doing the same as it once did for young people like me."

Click here to see Davis' full education plan.

Students on college campuses typically are not among those who are the most politically aware.

Hopes at UTSA are that personal appearances by candidates will change that.

Benjamin Fernandez is a UTSA freshman who said personal appearances are important to him.

"We want to be able to hear her views in person and we want to meet her too," Fernandez said. "It's exciting because you just hear about her, you hear her views to change Texas and just to see her in person it's going to be really exciting."

Celia Arsuaga is president of the UTSA Young Democrats.

"We are the future, we should be involved and informed," Arsuaga said. "Students in general kind of don't associate themselves with a political party and everyone knows that, which is why we think it's so important to be visible on campus."

She said her group worked quickly to make the event a success.

"The turnout is great," Arsuaga said. "I mean we advertised so much, I mean Twitter, Facebook, we Snapchatted. I mean any social media you can think of, we were on there."

That is the new way of getting the word out for the younger generation.

Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott is also talking to students on collect campuses about education.

Abbott is emphasizing the importance of increasing the affordability and accessibility of higher education.

He is also behind reforms to ensure more students graduate on time and utilize online learning.

Click here for more information on Greg Abbott's education plan.