SAPD: Man had vendetta against Home Depot, vandalized business

Frank Sanchez, 32, accused in the past of shoplifting from business

SAN ANTONIO – A 32-year-old man who San Antonio police said had a vendetta against a Southeast Side Home Depot store is accused of repeatedly vandalizing a vehicle that belongs to the business.

Frank Sanchez was arrested Wednesday on a single count of criminal mischief.

However, according to an arrest warrant affidavit, he's accused of doing the same thing at least six times before.

The affidavit stated that on Aug. 17, Sanchez smashed the windows on a truck that belongs to the Home Depot store in the 3100 block of SE Military.

It stated that this was the seventh report police had taken for that type of criminal activity, and that the vandalism began after Sanchez was caught shoplifting at the store.

Detectives said they obtained surveillance video of several of the incidents and Sanchez can be seen in those videos causing the destruction.

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