Elmendorf city worker bitten by snake on the job

City administrator: Snake not believed to be venomous

SAN ANTONIO – An Elmendorf city worker was rushed to a hospital in San Antonio Tuesday morning after suffering a snakebite while on the job.

A statement from Cody Dailey, city administrator, said it's unknown how the man, who works as a water operator and animal control officer, came into contact with the snake.

According to the worker's supervisor, he was bitten on the finger.

He said it's unknown exactly what type of snake bit him because it slithered away after the encounter.

A dispatcher for Acadian Ambulance confirmed that the worker was transported to a hospital in San Antonio shortly before 11 a.m. Tuesday.

In his statement, Dailey said the city employee is "feeling fine and has not had any adverse reactions to the bite."

Alfredo Puente was working on his property next door at the time and noticed the commotion, although he did not know right away what had happened.

"We were way back on the other side of the land.  We saw the lights of the ambulance," he said.

Puente said he has seen dangerous snakes in the area before, including a five-foot-long rattlesnake that was killed on the road in front of city hall a few weeks ago.

"And my helper, the other day, heard one," Puente said.  "He was walking along the fence and he heard the rattle."

While Dailey doesn't seem to think a rattlesnake was involved in the worker's encounter, Puente said he isn't taking any chances.

He's keeping his eyes and ears open.

"We have to watch out, be on the lookout for them," Puente said.

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