Teen who led deputies on chase hit with multiple charges

Selena Amanda Huitron, 17, charged with assaulting officers, evading arrest


SAN ANTONIO – The 17-year-old girl who Bexar County sheriff's deputies say led them on a wild chase with 15 other people in her truck was taken to the Magistrate's Office on Tuesday.

Selena Amanda Huitron, 17, has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a public servant and one count of evading arrest with a motor vehicle in connection with Friday's crash.

Investigators say Huitron is an American citizen from Austin.

Investigators say she was driving 15 other people in pickup truck, all of whom officers believe were smuggled into the country.

Sheriff's deputies say during the chase, she drove up to 100 mph and even rammed into a few officers' cars once she was stopped.

Since she is 17, the federal government considers her a juvenile. However, the state of Texas sees her as an adult.

"There will be felony charges that she'll be faced with as an adult," said Bexar County Sheriff's spokeswoman Roseanne Hughes.

Border patrol has taken over the investigation. Investigators believe five men who were in the truck got away and are still missing.

Officers are deporting everyone else who was in the truck. Investigators said most are women from Mexico, and there is also a mother from Guatemala with her two children, ages 5 and 15.

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