Dog gives birth despite being shot with shotgun

Labrador mix has six puppies after being shot and abandoned

SAN ANTONIO – The Animal Defense League took in a nearly 2-year-old Labrador mix Monday.

The dog, who they're calling Cecilia, was discovered by ADL volunteers after she was abandoned in their parking lot.

She was infested with fleas, and ticks, and showed signs she recently had puppies.

An X-ray then determined Cecilia was again expecting, and also showed she had dozens of circular metal pellets lodged in her body.

The pellets closely resembled those found in the ammunition of a shotgun, but veterinary staff determined they did not pose any harm to the animal or her puppies.

ADL staff arrived early Tuesday to discover Cecilia gave birth to six puppies overnight.

Cecilia and her puppies are now resting at the shelter until they can be placed in a foster home.

Those who are interested in fostering the puppies and mom are encouraged to contact ADL's Foster Department at 210-655-1481 ext. 123, or by e-mailing foster@adltexas.org.

All needed supplies for the family while in foster care will be provided by ADL at no cost to the foster parents.

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