ACS rescues 18 malnourished dogs from home

Owner could face animal cruelty charges

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SAN ANTONIO – A total of 18 malnourished dogs were rescued from an East Side home, thanks to some alert neighbors.

The pitbulls and a Rottweiler were seized from a home in the 1000 block of Hays Street around noon on Friday after neighbors complained to Animal Care Services.

When ACS officers arrived, they found the dogs in bad shape. Most suffered from hair loss, fleas, sores and malnourishment and officers said they did not have access to enough water.

"We know the puppies from the dogs here were being sold, and so this is an example of backyard breeding-type operation where there are a number of animals being bred (and) sold," said the ACS' Audra Houghton. "We know there have been illnesses with the puppies here so this is something we'll look to report to the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration."

All dogs are were taken to ACS and will be evaluated and brought back to healthy conditions.

Once they're able to be back to a normal standard, they may be put up for adoption.

ACS officers said it's not the first time they had been called to this location.  The owner of the dogs will have to go to court, and could face animal cruelty charges.