Local high schools offer innovative programs

Students at Jefferson, Harlandale preparing for future

SAN ANTONIO – Jefferson High School boasts a unique agricultural based program. Instead of plants and animals, they are learning how alternative energy is linked to agriculture.

They are getting hands-on experience with various green energy sources beyond wind and solar.

'You have bio-diesel, you have the hydro-electricity and you learn about wiring and plumbing, just a whole bunch of benefits," said Andrew Maodonado, a Jefferson senior.

Some students are using the class to enhance their future, especially in the field of science.

"I like to learn about different energies and how they would benefit our world," said Tatyana Matthews, a Jefferson senior.

Harlandale High School is producing a few producers. They have an audio visual program that offers students hands-on experience in all facets of movie making.

"Its really cool because I have control over mostly everything and I love that," said Marih Espinosa, who is directing the school's current film, Obstacles.

The students learn to write, shoot, produce and even act in their movies.

"I think I enjoy movies more now, I appreciate it more. I wonder how they achieve certain things, or what shots and how they did it," said Drew Garces, the cinematographer.

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