Opinions mixed on president's plan to combat ISIS

Terrorism expert weighs in on President Obama's primetime address

SAN ANTONIO – One day after President Barack Obama addressed the nation to reveal his plan to hunt down ISIS terrorists, both citizens and experts alike are weighing in on what they thought of the president's plan.

During his prime-time televised address, Obama took his most aggressive stance yet on the terror organization calling itself the Islamic State -- but many are still questioning if it was aggressive enough?

"If you're going to have an aggressive strategy, if we're going to war, like the president indicates we are going to war with these people, we need to have a plan for victory," said St. Mary's University professor and terrorism expert Jeffrey Addicott.

Addicott said he didn't hear the president lay out distinct plan during his address.

"He didn't talk about ground troops, which many people indicated will be critical to crushing ISIS," Addicott said. "So he got the idea right that ISIS is the enemy and we need to crush them, but the mechanics of how you do that, I didn't see that, so to me, it was addressed more as a political speech."

Addicott also said international support is crucial.

"If we are going to go to war, we've got to have allies that are willing to put their boots on the ground," he said. "We don't even have that. Without that, it's not going to be a victory."

Opinions from San Antonio residents on the president's address were mixed.

"I did agree about him being aggressive, but I mean, he really didn't say an actual plan," one person said.

"I don't think we need to be running in and invading other countries," another cautioned.

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